Becoming a member of Theta Chi opens doors to a lifetime of learning and personal growth. Our members have access to a global network of alumni, as well as to leadership opportunities on campus and beyond. Part of Theta Chi’s educational mission is to prepare its members for the demands of life after graduation; we help by providing a variety of leadership and education events throughout the year.


  • The virtues of Truth, Temperance,and Tolerance

  • The usefulness of our Fraternity; we seek the mutual benefit and improvement of all our members and strive to serve our country and our fellow man

  • Motto: Θηρόποεα Χείρ – an “Assisting Hand”

  • True Friendship; we extend an “Assisting Hand” to one another; we seek to exact harmony and prevent strife among our members

  • The primacy of Alma Mater; we are loyal students and alumni for life

  • The promotion of knowledge and advancement of culture



General Founding

Psi chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity was founded on May 4, 1918. The organization was antedated by a men’s group, known as the Aota Club. The group had a solid academic basis and formed into a local fraternity called Alpha Sigma Tau. This took place in the spring of 1916. For the next two years Alpha Sigma Tau had the highest grade point average for any campus organization. The local group’s affiliation with Theta Chi was the result of these grades and recommendations from the University President, Charles Van Hise and the Dean of Men Goodell. In addition, their application was favored because of the fraternity’s abstinence from alcohol.


  • Frederick W. Fuhrman

  • Clarence L. Johnson

  • James Hugo Wegener

First President of Psi

Walter E. Malzahn

Theta Chi House, 144 Langdon Street, 1927

Theta Chi House, 144 Langdon Street, 1927


  • 1915-Seven University of Wisconsin undergraduate men form a fraternal group

  • 1915–16 members move into Ramsay Cottage at 424 Charter Street, rented for $35 a month.

  • 1916–Group became known as the Ramsay Club, after the name of the house they occupied.

  • 1916 The group reorganizes as the Aota Club and moves to 625 North Frances Street

  • 1916 Aota Club becomes a Greek letter organization, Alpha Sigma Tau

  • 1917 Alpha Sigma Tau rents a house at 148 West Gilman

  • 1918 Theta Chi accepts Alpha Sigma Tau’s petition to become a member of its fraternity.

  • 1918 Psi Chapter of Theta Chi was installed on May 4.

  • 1919 Psi Chapter moves to 151 West Gilman

  • 1927 Theta Chi builds house at 144 Langdon Street. Brother Ronald Maddox was instrumental.

  • 1934 Theta Chi pledged the campus leaders, but it became quite the animal house.

  • 1935 Extensive damage caused to house during a wild party. It was known nationally for its difficult Hell Week. The members did not really care for the chapter.

  • 1937 Apathy and complications from the Great Depression caused the chapter to lose the house.

  • 1942 Membership falls to two men.

    • William Berssembrugge saved the chapter by recruiting members from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

    • For the next four years Psi Chapter shared a house with Pi Kappa Alpha

  • 1946 Psi occupies a house at 703 Langdon

  • 1948 Chapter moves to 210 Langdon Street, previously the Congregational Church Parsonage, and our current location.

  • 1964 A new front was added to the house. Brother Ted Pamperin led this effort.

  • 1969 The chapter faced multiple crisis’

    • The Madison Fire Department condemns the house

    • Membership is very low

    • Finances are challenged and bankruptcy is imminent.

    • Regional Counselor George T. Kilavos (later Grand Chapter President) supports the chapter with a special recruitment and 30 new pledges join Psi Chapter.

    • Mike Marcucci leads an effort to get a loan, allowing for a new rear stairwell to be built, allowing the building to be cleared.

    • Psi Chapter holds its first Ski for Cancer; raises $650

  • 1981 Ski for Cancer exceeds $100,000 in cumulative contributions.

  • 1993 Ski for Cancer passes $200,000 in cumulative contributions.

  • 2005 National Fraternity revokes charter; Psi no longer an active chapter.

  • 2009 Interest group forms to recolonize Psi at University of Wisconsin

  • 2010 Psi officially recolonizes

    • Psi occupies house at 621 Frances Street.

    • Ski for Cancer resumes; Raises $15,000 for MACC Fund

  • 2011 Psi Chapter re-occupies fraternity house at 210 Langdon Street.

    • Psi Chapter reinstalled.

  • 2012 $1 million Capital Campaign commences to build new chapter house

  • 2013 Demolition of old house and construction starts on new house.

  • 2013 Ski for Cancer exceeds $300,000 in cumulative contributions.

  • 2014 New house at 210 Langdon Street is completed and occupied by 47 brothers.

  • 2016 Ski for Cancer achieves $500,000 in cumulative contributions.

  • 2018 Ski for Cancer exceeds $600,000 in cumulative contributions.

  • 2018 Psi Chapter celebrates 100 years at the University of Wisconsin.